Best Muscle-Building Leg Workouts

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Usually, people who go to the gym to build muscle hate leg day. Some of them even skip it, thinking that it’s not important. However, there is nothing worse than having big, beautiful arm muscles and skinny, neglected legs.

If you are among those who don’t skip leg day, we have a few great tips here to improve your leg workout.

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Note that, if you haven’t had a leg day for a long time and you also don’t walk often, you should start slowly.

The first workout shouldn’t focus on weights, but rather on managing to do 8-12 repetitions through at least 3 sets and 3-5 different exercises. In the second workout you should be a little stronger, and by the third one, you can focus on adding some more weight.

There are lots of great workouts for adding some muscle to your legs. Let’s check them out!

Top Muscle-Building Leg Workouts

Killer Legs

This workout is designed to tone your leg muscles while also significantly improving their strength. It’s also ideal for people who like running, hiking or cycling, since this workout improves your legs’ endurance. This workout will also hit the lower part of your back and side stomach muscles.

This workout is divided into three levels. Basically, you have a full circuit of exercises, and for the first level, you should do 3 circuits of all 6 exercises.

For level two, you should do 5 circuits, and for level three, you should do 7. Between each circuit, there is a 2 mins rest, but there is no rest between exercises. For example, you have to do all the six exercises and then rest 2 mins. Then, you have to repeat that 3 times for the first level.

All the exercises include 40 repetitions, and the exercises are: leg extensions, side leg lifts, plank leg lifts, single-leg bridges, single leg swings, and side leg raises at the end.

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Leg Shred

This is another great workout that is also split into 6 exercises. Again, you have 2 mins rest after all 6 exercises and no rest between exercises. There are no levels in this one; your goal is just to complete the workout.

The first exercise is to do 20 lunges in 3 sets with 20 seconds rest between sets. After you do the third set, don’t rest, but go straight to the next exercise. The next set is the same as the previous one, but instead of lunges, you need to do reverse lunges.

The third exercise also has the same sets/rest structure, but instead of reverse lunges, you have to do single-leg bridges. The fourth exercise is a 60-second wall sit. After you’ve done that, move to the next one, again with no rest in between.

The fifth exercise is 40 leg raises in 2 sets with no rest. Make sure to do 1 set per leg. The final exercise is 40 side leg raises in 2 sets, with no rest in between, and again, 1 set per leg. After that, your training is over.

This training is a bit difficult for beginners, but it’s great for your legs.

Legs of Steel

Here is another great workout that doesn’t use any weights, but still builds up leg muscles. It is split into three levels, like the first workout, and you need to do 3, 4, or 5 circuits, depending on which level you choose. Each circuit has 6 exercises, with no rest in between, but you have a 2-minute rest after you complete the full circle.

The first exercise is lunge step-ups, and you have to do 20 reps. Then, the next exercise is a 20-second squat hold, and the third one is 20 squats. The last three exercises should all be done in 10 reps, and they are front kicks, calf raises and side leg raises.

When it comes to the side leg raises, you should do 10 reps for each leg, which actually makes it 20 reps. After you finish that, you may rest for up to 2 minutes and then start the circuit all over again. You need to do at least 3 circuits for level one.

Muscle-Building Leg Workouts

Build Up

This workout includes weights and should be done at the gym. It consists of 6 different exercises. At first, you should start with a barbell squat and do 4 sets of 4-6 repetitions. Make sure to choose the right weight so that after you do the last repetition you feel like you are unable to do more than maybe 1-2 more reps.

Over time, instead of increasing reps, increase the weight that you work out with. After that exercise, the next one is dumbbell lunges. You should do 4 sets of 12 repetitions. Then, go to the leg press, and do 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

The fourth exercise is lying leg curls. You should do 3 sets of 12 repetitions. The next one is leg extensions, which you should do 3 sets of 20 repetitions. At the end, the final exercise is standing calf raises. You should do 4 sets of 12 repetitions. After that, your training is over.

Remember that you need to cool down and stretch your muscles to limit the chances of sprains and muscle aches. Also, drink plenty of water after your workout to replace the water you have lost.


As you probably already know, leg day should never be skipped. Some scientists state that it stimulates testosterone more than other workouts, so over the next 2-3 days you will be able to do other workouts at a better tempo.

Also, if you want to build muscle, make sure you ingest enough protein daily, and consider buying protein powder if you can’t get enough in your diet.

If you want to build up your legs, you can choose any of the muscle-building leg workouts listed here. It would be even better to combine them by doing a different workout each leg day, just to be sure that every muscle is hit.

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